HOWO 375

HOWO 375

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Four-bridge dump trucks have huge holdings for transporting gravel, building materials, stones, and coal in the southwest area. One is because of the steep mountain roads in the southwest region; the second is because the transportation distance of such goods is shorter, and the four-bridge dump truck is more flexible than the traction dump. The weight limit of the four-axle truck is 31 tons, which is like a sword pointing at the previous four-bridge overloaded driver. With the replacement of the four-bridge truck with a traction dump truck, the eliminated four-bridge dump truck entered the used car market. Currently, customers have more choices.

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Brand Model Model Sub Type to configure VIN Year Mileage(KM) Engine Size Power(kw) Transmission
 HOWO T6G commercial vehicle Truck 375 6X4 5.6 LVBSBGMH8HC2****** Mar-15 190000 8.765L 273 12MT
Fuel Type Color Emission Standard (mm)Dimension Engine Mode Door Seating Capacity Steering (HP) (N.m)
diesel green IVChina IV 858525503490 MC09.38-50 2 3 LHD 375 1760N·m

HOWO 6x4 Dump Truck Features:
1. Oil saving, driving comfort and safety, reliability quality, low maintenance cost
2. Engine: Sinotruk WD615.96E, 375HP
3. Lifting Type: front lifting type
4. Cargo Box Shape: square or U-shaped
5. Cargo Box Size: 16-20cbm
6. Cargo Box thickness: 4 to 16mm, Side wall thickness: 3 to 14mm for customer's different use
7. Hydraulic system: HYVA brand or Chinese famous brand
8. Load Capacity: 25-30 tons

Application For:
1. Mining work: transport the bauxite, manganese ore, golden, coal, uranium etc.
2. Construction work: Transport the sand, stone, construction waste etc.
3. Other work: logistics, agriculture, rental etc.

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