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Brand Model Type Sub Type VIN Year Mileage(KM) Engine Size Power(kw) Transmission
BYD Han Sedan SUV LC0CE6CD5M1038474 2021/4/1 0 2.0T 180W DCT
Fuel  Type Color Emission Standard Dimension Engine Mode Door Seating Capacity Steering Intake Type Drive
Electric Gray China VI 4960/1910/1495 BYD487ZQB 4 5 LHD Turbo Supercharger Front four-wheel
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The exterior styling of BYD Han EV adopts a brand-new design style, and the vehicle styling is very avant-garde and dynamic. The front part of the car adopts a closed design, and the chrome decoration that runs through the front of the car is equipped with sharp headlights on both sides, which is highly recognizable. The rear shape of the car is also dynamic and fashionable, and the shape of the taillights is full of technological sense. The lines of the whole vehicle are round and smooth, and the drag coefficient is extremely low. The interior styling of BYD Han EV continues the BYD family-style design language, and the interior layout is simple and stylish. The central control part adopts a suspended shape, and the size of the central control screen reaches 15.6 inches, which enhances the visual impact of the car. The Han EV also comes standard with a full LCD instrument panel and electronic gear, which is full of technology; the exaggerated 3.9-second acceleration of 100 kilometers BYD Han is positioned as a pure electric vehicle for medium and large vehicles, and it will be directly connected with Tesla’s model 3 and Tesla models after listing. Xiaopeng P7 is produced to compete, but anyone who knows Han knows that the strength of this car is very strong. The Han DM is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 192 horsepower. The internal combustion engine alone is not enough. BYD also equipped Han with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a horsepower of about 245 horsepower. As a result, Han’s comprehensive power reached about 400 horsepower, which is only about 300,000. As far as domestic cars are concerned, it is simply incredible. In addition to DM models, Han also provides EV models. In terms of battery supply, Han EV uses its own blade battery. With the expansion of production capacity, it can further reduce costs and provide consumers with more battery life. Big discount. The blade battery also has a good performance in terms of convenient battery life. The maximum battery life of a two-wheel drive vehicle can reach 605 kilometers. In addition to the endurance, the four-wheel drive has an extra pursuit of performance, which allows Han to accelerate from 100 kilometers to only 3.9 seconds, and its performance is not inferior to any sports car on the market. In addition, Han's excellent braking performance is also worth mentioning. The 100-kilometer stopping distance of 32.8 meters is really not bad at this level. The most eye-catching part of the interior is the 15.6-inch central control screen of the central control, which is equipped with BYD's own DiLink 3.0 intelligent network connection system. The stylish display interface and rich information display will definitely win the love of many young people. In addition, there are technology configurations such as APA full-scenario automatic parking and vehicle OTA remote upgrade.

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